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Sisters is on the map.

You know that, because you found it. Maybe this is your first visit; maybe your family has been vacationing here for years; maybe you’re working on finding a way to live here.

You know that you’re experiencing an environment of unsurpassed natural beauty, with a welcoming and inclusive sense of community. You know about Sisters’ unique mom-and-pop shops and the arts and culture that give this place such vibrancy.

The past two years have seen an influx of folks who have discovered that they can live here and work there.

All of that means change. Sisters is growing, which adds to its vibrancy and economic vitality —but also poses challenges in retaining the character that visitors, part-timers and residents all love.

Heightened use has led to a permitting system in some of Sisters Country’s most beloved wilderness areas. New schools need to be built, and housing comes at a premium.

The City of Sisters is responding to the challenges of growth by developing a new Destination Management model of managing impacts of growth — both in tourism and new residents impacts so that being a destination for thousands remains a win-win for everyone.

Change is nothing new in Sisters. Over many decades, Sisters has seen its share of ups and downs — reinventing itself from a timber and ranching town, to a tourist town, to a “Zoomtown.” We’ve seen fire and flood, and come back stronger from every setback. We’ve created world-class cultural, sporting, and arts events that have put a small town on the map, and created innovative programs that make our schools a magnet to parents and kids from everywhere.

No matter what changes and challenges come, the Three Sisters loom eternal on our horizon, reminding us each day to take a moment, to pause and take a deep breath, appreciate the grandeur and the beauty — and remember that life is good.


— Jim Cornelius, Editor in Chief
Sisters Oregon Guide & The Nugget Newspaper


Photo by Cody Rheault

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